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Friday, February 28, 2020
Volcanoes Show That It Really Does Matter
Do Small Temperature Changes Matter?
Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 by MINTI 2 Weeks ago star
Think a small rise in global temperature is no big deal?

On April 5, 1816 - volcano Tambora on the island of Java exploded killing an estimated 12,000 local people, but it caused a far greater tragedy and much larger death toll.

As the eruption’s ash and gas rose into the sky, it created an aerosol cloud the size of Australia. Winds then blew this cloud westward across the Indian Ocean, India, South East   Asia, and the Middle East. But as it crossed the Equator, the cloud rose into the high atmosphere and covered Turkey, southern Russia, Europe, and reached North America.

Tiny droplets of sulfuric acid that formed this cloud were too light to fall to earth but had enough mass to reflect some of the sunlight back to space. The result was a drop of around 2 degrees in average global air temperatures.

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