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Saturday, May 30, 2020
When People, Business, and Local Government Get Together to Create Active Spaces.
Town Team Movement
Thursday, May 14, 2020 by MINTI 2 Weeks ago star
Town Teams are placemakers. They are proactive groups of businesses, landowners & residents working with local governments to improve a place.

The Town Team Movement is a not-for-profit group, some projects delivering local government projects are fee for service.


The idea is that Local governments can help deliver the ‘hardware’ of a place, while the town team can help upgrade the ‘software’ of a place.

Place Activation

The most cost-effective and powerful way for local governments to be placemakers and activate places is to allow it to happen rather than making it happen themselves. This means local governments and communities need to be clear on their vision and goals. If the event or activity delivers on the placemaking goals, it should be approved as quickly as... read more...  comments [0]
Think a small rise in global temperature is no big deal? On April 5, 1816 - volcano Tambora on the island of Java exploded killing an estimated 12,000 local people, but it caused a far greater tragedy and much larger death toll. As the eruption’s ash and gas rose into the sky, it created an...
So You’ve Declared a Climate Emergency  88 councils in Australia have declared a climate emergency. Another 120 are participants in Cities Power Partnership, and 32 have joined the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.  As councils move on from the relatively easy part of the...
Melbourne Free University - Thursday 13th February 2020 - 6.30 pm - The Alderman 134 Lygon St Brunswick The first season of ABC’s War on Waste led to an immediate funding boost of $1.2 million dollars to organisations that rescue food - Responsible Cafes increased from 400 registered...
The Melbourne Inner North Transition Initiative (MINTI) organised the extension of the FSNLC community garden in to a foood forest, but Joanne Nataprawira, a Permaculture Design graduate, and now part of The Desert Echo had the inspired idea of combining the garden with a walk-through...
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